My Japanese Transformation

How my move to Japan has since transformed me into one–or seven–new people.

Some people say that moving overseas transforms you into a whole new person. I’d have to 110% agree it’s true. Between adjusting to a new culture, figuring out your daily routine, (sometimes) conquering language barriers, and making a new home, there’s a lot going on that can change who you are. Japan has certainly done the same for me, even in the three months I have been here. Actually, it’s more like I’ve become seven new people… Continue reading “My Japanese Transformation”

The Only 9 Toiletries You’ll Need for Your Flight

Pack these essentials in your carry-on and you’ll be ready to step off the plane looking fresher than your fav celeb.

When you begin to plan a trip and get excited at grabbing an early morning flight, you might think “Yes, now I’ll have the whole day to explore!” But the reality is, flying is exhausting, especially when it’s overseas. The only people I’ve seen step off the plane looking rejuvenated and fresh-faced are in movies. Still, there’s something to be said for trying. Here are my nine essential toiletries to pack in your carry-on in order to survive a red-eye flight and step off looking #flawless because you really did wake up like that. Continue reading “The Only 9 Toiletries You’ll Need for Your Flight”

11 Reasons I Can’t Wait to Come Back to America

The most important American essentials that Japan severely lacks.

Life in Japan is a wonderful, enriching, delicious, confusing, mysterious, delightful adventure. For the most part, moving here has been nothing but new adventures and rich stories. Still, moving to a new country isn’t easy. People ask me all the time what I miss from America. I answer there will always be things from home to miss dearly. And I don’t take them lightly; these are some of my most powerful motivators to buy my return ticket. Continue reading “11 Reasons I Can’t Wait to Come Back to America”

A Moste Terrifying Halloween Night

Forsooth, this is my moste fearsome and terrifying All Hallows Eve in Japan–and all my lessons leading up to it

From Halloween night to the holiday’s celebration in Japan and how it figured in my English lessons, I give you it all. *Warning: This post may or may not have been written under the heavy influence of Halloween vibes and terrible puns*

The Terrible Fright on Halloween Night

This story of woe and fright began, like any other, on a dark and stormy night… the night before Halloween (Author’s Note: I am not kidding. We had a typhoon the night before pass through). Continue reading “A Moste Terrifying Halloween Night”

Sweater weather in Japan image

The Cold Heart of Japan

Now that it’s finally October, all I’ve seen on my Facebook and Twitter feeds are “Give me sweater weather!” posts. Usually I’m right along there with you. Give me fall any day–waking up in the early morning and taking the first breath of icy air, walking instead of taking the bus or driving just to see all the trees in the glorious colors, the delicious aroma of coffee filling the air… But shockingly, I’m not exactly wishing for the same in Japan.  Continue reading “The Cold Heart of Japan”